okunola samson

web developer, blockchain enthusiast and content writer


Who is Okunola Samson ?
Okunola Samson

I'm a Frontend Web Developer and Blockchain enthusiast based in Lagos, Nigeria. I love minimalist & cool designs and animations. I spend most of my time either writing new codes or reviewing previous ones, adhering to real applications implementation with the knowledge and understanding of web development concepts.

I like looking for solutions and creating a great user experience. I've worked with other developers on projects and created several working SPAs and websites that are maintainable and scalable.

I like pop music and good food. When I'm not coding, I'm either reading, playing video games or writing.


2 years, a ton of tutorials and online courses, here i am.

I am autodidactic, solution-oriented and a team player, currently learning Python and Typescript. below are some technologies I've been working with:


Below are some of the places where i've plied the art of web development.

Zummit Africa

Frontend Developer, Internship

04/04/2022 - Active

Notable Projects

I like to build as learn and improve on whatever I do. Take a peek into my codes and creations.


reactjs | nodejs | identitypass api

A car verification portal that uses the identitypass api to verify car details using one of bvn, nin or phone number.


react | ether.js | material ui| solidity

A simple project to simulate a DeFi wallet on Rinkeby testnet.



Blue Flamingo is a fictional restaurant in the heart of Lagos. It is one of my favorites.


reactjs | tailwind | sanity

inSocial is an image sharing paltform. Share, download and save images, and interact with other users.


reactjs | material ui | commercejs

An e-commerce store built with chec-commerce and stripe.


reactjs | openweatherapi

Check accurate weather for any location. Data includes temperature, weather description, windspeed and others.


looking to hire? have a project?

I'm currently open to junior developer roles. You can also reach out to me for collaborations, to ask questions or just simply say hi. I'll try to get back as soon as possible.

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